Age 4 – 5  years: 24 children in the group


“My name is Debbie McLaughlin otherwise known as Mrs Mac. My interests are reading, movies and snorkelling. My husband Mark is a Factory Manager and loves camping and the great outdoors. I have two sons of 21 and 18. My older son thoroughly enjoys surfing and water polo and my younger son is a basketball player.

I have been teaching for 26 years. I qualified as a Junior Primary teacher at the Cape Town College of Education and in my final year concentrated on Remedial Education. I taught Grade 1 for four years and Grade 3 for a term. I then left teaching to become a full time mom to my firstborn son. When my son, Connor was two years old I started a little playgroup which catered for children between the ages of two and four. My second son was born during this time. I ran this playgroup from Christchurch in Kenilworth until my younger son went to Barkley House. I then taught the four to five year old group at Sunny Skies in Meadowridge for 4 years. I have had the benefit of teaching children of various ages. I feel I have had the advantage of experiencing younger children and knowing what skills children need to develop in order to cope in Grade 1.I have been teaching at the Lea for nine years.

I am passionate about reading and I believe that children who have the opportunity to develop good listening skills and phonological awareness will benefit and become confident and passionate readers. My aim as a teacher is to foster independence, build self-confidence and encourage children to function in society in a positive manner.”


Debbie MacLauglin
Lily Tsutsu