Age 3 – 4  years: 24 children in the group


“I am Marlese Naude (or Mrs. Naude / Mrs. Dee / Mrs. Oh Dear and my all time favourite Mrs No Idea.) I am the principal of Lea Preprimary as well the Ladybird teacher. I am married to Andre Naude, an avid sportsman and the oldest surfer on the beach. We have a 20 year old son, called Gareth and he is a keen sportsman just like his dad.

I completed a four year Foundation phase diploma specializing in pre-primary education and have 30 years teaching experience. My first appointment was at a school in the Northern Suburbs and I stayed there for 9 years. My husband was transferred to Durban in l995 and whilst in Durban I had the privilege to branch out into special needs education. I taught in the pre-primary department of Browns School for children with cerebral palsy and language/ developmental delays. From there I moved to the Children´s Assessment and Therapy Centre ( CATC Sherwood, Durban) where I taught the Junior group in the Pre-Primary School attached to CATC. (Similar to Pro ¬Ed Centre in Rondebosch) We dealt with Behavioural problems, ADHD, Language delays, children on the Autism Spectrum and also screened children regarding appropriate placement into schools. We relocated back to Cape Town in 2001 and I have been involved with the Lea ever since.

I firmly believe that the development of Listening skills in young children is essential for a successful and happy school career. Learning can only take place if we teach our children how to listen and respond to instructions. Emotional and Social maturity contribute greatly to their overall development. We encourage manners and appropriate ways of dealing with challenging situations. We teach our children how to take care of themselves and encourage them to be independent, confident and happy members of our school community. We as staff are confident regarding the future of the Lea and we depend on your invaluable parental support in the efficient running of our school.”

Marlese Naude
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